Sunday, July 14, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

Details! State College, PA Wedding Photographer

Well, I made the big announcement on my Facebook page, but my family and I will be relocating to State College, PA, which means Rearview Photography will be moving north also!  I figured there was no better time than now to start tagging blogposts with my new location as a way to start getting my name out there!


I love taking details shots at weddings, and this “wedding season” I’m trying to think outside the box.  I just love this shoe shot from Danielle and Bruce’s Wedding!



Stay tuned for a wedding announcement for my new locations as well!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Josie’s Newborn Session Previews–{ Culpeper Newborn Photographer }

I had the pleasure of doing Josie’s newborn session today.  Ever since Josie’s mom sent me a picture of their bedroom, I was really looking forward to this session.  I knew the bedroom would be a gorgeous backdrop for the “lifestyle” portion of this session.  I also debuted a few new props with this session, and some new equipment!  Thanks to Josie’s family for letting me capture these moments today!

                    preview1c  preview2c


                    preview4c  preview5c



                     preview9c  preview10c


preview12c                    preview13c  preview14c                 



Friday, March 15, 2013

Winners x’s 2! { Culpeper Photographer }

I was sitting here this evening when it dawned on me… Giveaway #2’s winner were to be picked this evening!  I quickly put out a reminder on my Facebook page, and I’m so glad I did, because it got 5 additional entries!

The trusty random number generator from did its job again…
So without further ado, here are the winners of a 20-minute Mini-Session!


Comment number 15 was from:

(Never mind my face/name… Lauren was one of the people who entered tonight but was being hassled by blogger!


Comment number 9 was from:



Two new clients who I can’t wait to work with!  Congratulations to Lauren and Amanda.  Please e-mail me at and I will also be in touch!

Thanks to all who entered <3

Monday, March 4, 2013

And the winner is…. { Culpeper Photographer }

I was so excited to choose the winner for my first giveaway that I decided to do so before heading off to work!

I must say – you all know how to make me feel good!  I asked you to tell me about your favorite capture simply because I always have my favorites but rarely find out which ones are your favorites, but it turned into you talking about me, which I did not expect!  Thanks everyone for your kind and generous compliments.

There were 16 entries, and the trusty random number generator choose

random giveaway

Comment number 12 was:



Lauren – please e-mail me at ASAP so I can let you know what information I need!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Can you Feel the Love? Relay for Life Fundraiser–{ Culpeper Photographer }

This will be my 3rd year involved with Relay for Life!  Last year I gave away a free photography session as a fundraiser for my team, but have decided to try something else out this year!

relay love fundraiser

I am SO excited to use Culpeper’s newest landmark, and raise money for such a good cause!  100% of the proceeds on this day will go towards Yowell’s Stompin’ Stallions and fighting cancer!  Hope to see you at the love sign on March 16th!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

600 Likes–Giveaway, Part Deux–{ Culpeper Photographer }

As promised, here is the big announcement for the 600 Likes Giveaway, Part Deux!

The Prize: Two 20-minute Mini-Sessions (to be shot on a day separate from my Spring Minis!)
That’s right… there will be two more winners for this giveaway!

For this giveaway, I’m not specifying who exactly may win.  It might be two new clients, two old clients, or one of each!  Winners will be selected completely randomly!  Anyone may enter… but only two will win Smile

To Enter:  Leave a comment that includes your name, e-mail address (so I have a way to contact you if you win!), and what type of mini-session you’d like if you win (family, children, maternity, couple, etc.) 

Please enter by Thursday, March 14th!  Winner will be announced the evening of March 15!  Only one entry per person please.


Good Luck!

(PS – If you have trouble getting your comment to go through, please keep trying until you don’t get an error message!  I have to approve comments before they will show up so that this post does not get spammed!  If you are not sure if it has gone through, please check with me at and I will let you know!)

Busy busy busy! { Culpeper Photographer }

Spring is on it’s way, which means it’s time to pick that camera back up!
Spring mini-sessions were just announced today:
spring minis
If you are interested, please be sure to follow the directions and e-mail me!  Please don’t comment here to reserve a time!


Also, don’t forget about the “Loyal Client Giveaway” I posted on the blog last night – you can check it out by following this link:
Loyal Client Giveaway


Stay tuned this evening, and my 600 likes Giveaway #2 will be posted here on the blog!  There will also be another big announcement coming up, this time another Rearview Photography Relay for Life Fundraiser!!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

600 Likes Giveaway #1

I had a few ideas floating around in my head for giveaways when I reached 600 likes on Facebook!  I’ve decided to do one special giveaway just for my loyal clients who are the reason that I get to do what I do, and who are the reason that I’ve reached 600 likes!

The Loyal Client Giveaway Prize:
Winner will receive a 16x20 Gallery Wrap canvas for an image of their choosing!

The Loyal Client Giveaway Details:
First of all, this giveaway is only for those clients whom I have photographed in the past 2 years (2011, 2012, and well, so far in 2013 if you have already received your discs!  If you haven’t received them yet, you can still enter but can only choose an image from your session preview!)  This includes family sessions, newborns, children, engagement sessions, weddings, everything from the years listed.

To win you must:
1) Like Rearview Photography on Facebook
2) Meet the above guidelines
3) Be super awesome

To enter:
-Leave a comment here on the blog!  Include your name, type of session/event I photographed, and describe your favorite capture from the session/event!

Winner will be chosen on Monday, March 4 via random number generator.  This will leave me enough time to get in contact with you and get the information needed from you.  Should the first winner not respond within 24 hours of notification, I will choose a second winner.  If you are entering, please make sure to check the blog and your e-mail on March 4, as I will need to get the order placed by March 8!

Questions?  Just ask!


***Edited to add:  I must APPROVE your comment so that this post doesn’t get spammed!  It won’t show up until I approve it, but I promise I will do so!******

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Love–{ Culpeper Photographer }




The best part of being a photographer is seeing all of the love! 


Just like was said in Love Actually - “I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around.”


Here are some of my favorite places that I’ve found love through the lens…











There is love in tickles….












Love in shadows…












Love in laughter…











Love in new beginnings…











Love in new adventures…











and love in what is still yet to come.






“Love one another and you will be happy. 
It's as simple and as difficult as that.” 
~Michael Leunig

Closer to 600– { Culpeper Photographer }


Over on Rearview Photography’s Facebook Page, I am inching my way closer to 600 likes!  Follow the link or click on the picture to make your way over and become a fan!  Once you become a fan, don’t forget to click “share” on the image to help spread the word!!!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oh Baby! { Culpeper and Fredericksburg Newborn Photographer }




Last summer, I really contemplated giving up newborn sessions.  I didn’t feel like those were my “niche” and I wasn’t always pleased with my results!  Then, friends kept having babies, so I kept shooting, and I feel like three years in I’m finally getting the hang of newborn photography!  So now, they are here to stay, and I have revamped my newborn pricing guide!  If you are interested, please e-mail me at






Sweet, sweet Lucas was a dream to work with!  He didn’t care what I did, even when he was awake.  I am in love with his session!



        preview2c   preview10cpreview6bc







Jacob was another perfect little model, and his parents followed my pre-session directions to a T!  Their house was nice and toasty, and this made all the difference for his session.  He also wins the award for smiley-est newborn ever!











                   preview6c    preview8c


                   preview17c    preview18c