Friday, March 1, 2013

600 Likes Giveaway #1

I had a few ideas floating around in my head for giveaways when I reached 600 likes on Facebook!  I’ve decided to do one special giveaway just for my loyal clients who are the reason that I get to do what I do, and who are the reason that I’ve reached 600 likes!

The Loyal Client Giveaway Prize:
Winner will receive a 16x20 Gallery Wrap canvas for an image of their choosing!

The Loyal Client Giveaway Details:
First of all, this giveaway is only for those clients whom I have photographed in the past 2 years (2011, 2012, and well, so far in 2013 if you have already received your discs!  If you haven’t received them yet, you can still enter but can only choose an image from your session preview!)  This includes family sessions, newborns, children, engagement sessions, weddings, everything from the years listed.

To win you must:
1) Like Rearview Photography on Facebook
2) Meet the above guidelines
3) Be super awesome

To enter:
-Leave a comment here on the blog!  Include your name, type of session/event I photographed, and describe your favorite capture from the session/event!

Winner will be chosen on Monday, March 4 via random number generator.  This will leave me enough time to get in contact with you and get the information needed from you.  Should the first winner not respond within 24 hours of notification, I will choose a second winner.  If you are entering, please make sure to check the blog and your e-mail on March 4, as I will need to get the order placed by March 8!

Questions?  Just ask!


***Edited to add:  I must APPROVE your comment so that this post doesn’t get spammed!  It won’t show up until I approve it, but I promise I will do so!******


TMW said...

Wedding, newborn sesh, holiday mini

Sarah said...

Elizabeth has done two wonderful shoots for us- our daughter's newborn pictures at a week old and our family's first Christmas pictures. It is literally impossible to choose just one favorite capture from both sessions with Elizabeth. Subsequently, almost all of the pictures hanging in our house are her shots. However, there is one picture in particular that brings me close to tears when I look at it. On the day of our daughter's newborn photo shoot, my husband and I woke up incredibly late for her doctor's appointment. She was having a hard time eating and losing weight. My husband agreed to take her to the doctor while I cleaned the house so Elizabeth wouldn't think we lived in a zoo. By the time she arrived, I was on the brink of tears from trying to feed the baby, exhaustion, stress, and pain. I was also becoming upset that my emotions would ruin our first family pictures. However, as a new mother herself, Elizabeth could totally relate to what we were experiencing. She put my mind to ease and I was able to enjoy taking the pictures. She caught a shot of just my daughter snuggling up to my chest. I'm looking down at her and she just looks content. It is one of those undeniable mother- daughter bonding moments that I'll never forget. It is a picture I can always look back to whenever I feel the stresses of being a new parent. I can't thank Elizabeth enough for not only capturing our beautiful memories, but for making two new parents feel not so crazy!

Sarah Deal

Jen Balogh said...

Elizabeth is such a creative person! It really shows in her photography. My fiance Matt and I hired her to do our engagement pictures and of course, to capture our wedding in June. I can't pick just one favorite picture - they all were fabulous!!

Jen Balogh :-)

Stacey Dobrovolny said...

You have photographed my oldest son's 4 year old pictures and the first family pictures we ever had taken. I had just found out I was pregnant at the time you did these family pictures. So...naturally we had you do a newborn shoot when our baby boy was just 6 days old! Then our next "complete" family pictures were done during your Christmas mini sessions. We have thoroughly enjoyed every picture you have taken of our children and our family. We already have you booked for the baby's 1 year pictures coming up in May! Needless to say...we love your work, we love your personality to bring the best out in our kids and we love how fun and comfortable you make the whole photography experience. I am not sure if I could narrow down which picture is my favorite but it would be between one of the black and white newborn pictures of the baby on the "fluffy" white blanket or the pic of all of us during the Christmas mini. See you in May Elizabeth!! Thanks- Stacey Dobrovolny

Melanie McPhee said...

Elizabeth does great work! Not only is she super talented, but makes every session fun! She has shot photos of my husband two times the first, a super fun session in downtown Culpeper, VA and the second was our wedding. All of the shots were perfect-she has a real talent for capturing special moments! I can't pick one favorite......because they are all awesome! :)

Rebekah James said...

Elizabeth has done two photo sessions for me. I met her through my sister after she did my nephews newborn pictures. The first session was for my three children for their 6yr, 4yr, and 2yr pictures. She slso took my niece and nephews pictures the same day. Needless to say with 5 kids ranging from ages 6-3months someone was either crying or running away. Elizabeth captured so many great memories for my sisters and myself that day. The 2nd photo session was the Christmas mini session. She endured freezing cold weather to help families capture more memories. My favorite if I had to choose is from the Christmas session where mu husband and I sneak a kiss and the two oldest children are peeping around the tree while the littlest one is standing between us. I like it best in the black and white look.

Thank you, Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth has photographed my husband and I twice. The first time during our fun engagement shoot in Fredericksburg VA. If I had to choose one favorite capture it would be of the two of us in front of the bright red door. Elizabeth's creative eye brought that photo to life, and it remains a favorite of us! Elizabeth was also our Wedding photographer. Elizabeth captured our day perfectly, and professionally. She pulled us away for photos at the perfect moments, and was sure to get the perfect shots to help us remember the evening. For my perfect capture...although for the entire week leading up to the event I feared rain, and rain was not welcome, my favorite shot was one that was shot just after our beautiful outdoor ceremony during a little July drizzle. Elizabeth took a beautiful black and white shot of us standing on a dock in the rain with a beautiful color pop of our aqua umbrella. Love that Elizabeth is always so creative, and look forward to more sessions in the future!

Renee McNemar said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth almost a year ago for a maternity photo shoot. My husband and I had such a great experience and absolutely loved the pictures so we invited Elizabeth into our home a few months later for newborn pictures of our baby boy. I don't know how she did it but Elizabeth captured some of the most precious moments during that shoot. There are so many favorites that it's hard to choose just one. There are few that she captured him laughing and then one other where he is raising his eyebrow and staring directly into the camera as if he was modeling for her! I've enjoyed all of the pictures and have recommended Rearview Photography to all my friends and family. In fact, the last photo shoot was with my baby boy and all of his little cousins, ranging from ages 6 down to 3 months! Needless to say the kids were not the best behaved but Elizabeth never lost a step. She remained so patient and somehow the photographs made them all look like little angels! She certainly has a magic touch in person and behind the camera. I can't wait for her to capture more memories in the future.

Erin said...

Our first, and certainly not last, session that we had Elizabeth photograph for us was a Christmas mini session. Our baby was 7 months old and we were in dire need of update photos of all of us for our annual Christmas card.

It's so hard to just pick one favorite, we love them all! BUT, I will describe one that encompasses us as a new family. This particular photograph has myself, my husband, our son and our dog in it. We are all seated on a red blanket surrounded by beautiful ball ornaments with a gorgeous, serene outdoor background. This photograph captures us all perfectly. Aside from it being so cold that day, we all look gorgeous and happy. She even got our dog looking directly at the camera! We are so pleased with this photo (as with all of them) and love how she was able to capture us all at our best! Her photography style is top notch, and what she is able to capture behind the lens makes me smile.

We already have our sons 1st Birthday session/cake smash scheduled in April and can't wait!

Thanks for all you do Elizabeth, you certainly have found what you are good at!

Melanie said...

Family session - 2 favorites, 1 to show the silliness of the day and 1 to show the love! #1 - sitting along the dam and all of us watching Keegan flipping his feet over his head and #2 - black and white of us all holding hands with Keegan looking at us and laughing instead of looking at the camera! Happy times! :)

Stephanie said...

Elizabeth, I love that you reached 600 likes! Sweetness! I would love to win your giveaway. You did Logan and my engagement session. My favorite shots were with the mustache and lips (which we used for our save the date) and the one where we were sitting on the hill looking at each other. :)

Lauren said...

Couldn't have been luckier to have you photograph my engagement and wedding. First you made my husband smile and truly enjoy our engagement session! Then you made a bunch of "tough guys" take the most memorable group shots of our bridal party. I cannot wait for you to capture more of our unforgettable moments:)

Unknown said...

Caytlin Backe & Jon Watts & Nalyah:
Engagment Session @ Mountain Run Lake
I had so many favorites from this session, we had an amazing day and again THANK YOU for capturing these memories! We have less than 90 days until the wedding which is just so exciting :-)
My favorite picture is probably the picture of Jon and I sitting on the rocks in our flannel and sweaters with my chin on his shoulder starring right at you. We used it on our save the dates! Thanks again Elizabeth :-)

Unknown said...

Jon Watts & Caytlin Backe:
Engagement Session
My favorite photo was the one of us on the dock that is slightly faded or rustic looking.

Anonymous said...

Nicole :) Elizabeth has done a wonderful job photographing my nieces twice!! The first time when it was just Lav Bug and most recently with Naya too!! I love them all...but my favorite two of the previews from the most recent session is the one that shows sisterly love and the one that truly captures Lavi...her tongue is ever so slightly sticking out:)

Anonymous said...

We had our pictures done by Elizabeth back in November during the Christmas mini session and will have our next shoot in hopefully a few days as we await the arrival of our baby girl.

Despite the very cold morning at Mtn Run Lake for the Christmas mini our photoshoot couldn't have gone better. She captured our family beautifully, I can't really chose a favorite picture but the tickle shots shows the fun and love in our family. She got
our kids to love the camera.

Elizabeth we love how easy you make a session, your playfulness with the kids, your ideas, professionalism and what you capture behind the lens shows what family is.

Thank you for the memories...see you in hopefully a few days. Hurry up Josie!