Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pet Portraits

Pet portraits can be challenging, but if the lighting is good, and you figure out some subtle noises to get those ears to perk up, they can turn out to be very cute!  Yesterday, Sophie hopped up on my bed looking like the queen of the house (…she is)!  The lighting was beautiful, so I ran to grab my Nikon.  Usually when this happens, she jumps up and tries to lick me – however, yesterday, she was very cooperative!

sophie bed 1
sophie3  sophie6

We adopted Sophie from Lab Rescue- LCRP a few years ago.  If you live in the Virginia or Maryland area, check them out.  They always have a lot of beautiful, friendly labs in need of good homes!

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures of Sophie! The detail is outstanding. You have a gift!