Monday, July 5, 2010

Nina and Sean – Full Wedding Post!

I had been waiting until Nina and Sean got to see all of their pictures before I did their full blog post.  Apparently I can fly to Georgia in 2 hours, but it takes the post office over a week to deliver a DVD there!  They have now gotten their pictures though, so without further ado:

Nina’s awesome button bouquet!

Before and during their courthouse ceremony (click on a picture for a larger view!):

Nina&Sean069_3Nina&Sean101  Nina&Sean041 Nina&Sean058_4   Nina&Sean046_2Nina&Sean098_2




Afterwards, we walked around Downtown Athens and the University of Georgia:
Nina&Sean119_3Nina&Sean143 Nina&Sean117_3Nina&Sean284_4   Nina&Sean131 Nina&Sean142  Nina&Sean179 Nina&Sean190_1 Nina&Sean204_4 Nina&Sean217 Nina&Sean220_2Nina&Sean272_2 Nina&Sean238Nina&Sean233_3  Nina&Sean242 Nina&Sean256_3 Nina&Sean269_2  Nina&Sean273_3 Nina&Sean278_5
Then later they had an awesome and fun dinner reception at their favorite restaurant, Transmetropolitan!
Nina&Sean475_2  Nina&Sean491_2 Nina&Sean494 Nina&Sean506_2 Nina&Sean509_1 Nina&Sean302_2 Nina&Sean306Nina&Sean403 Nina&Sean321Nina&Sean317  Nina&Sean323 Nina&Sean334Nina&Sean378Nina&Sean432 Nina&Sean336 Nina&Sean349 Nina&Sean356_1 Nina&Sean372 Nina&Sean374 Nina&Sean376  Nina&Sean389  Nina&Sean418_2 Nina&Sean419_2Nina&Sean467_2 Nina&Sean440_2Nina&Sean424   Nina&Sean449_2  Nina&Sean474
They day was really fantastic, and I couldn’t have been more happy to have been the photographer!  This was my first “official” wedding, and it was made all the more special because Nina was one of my college roomies!

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