Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jessica and Dave – Engagement Session – Culpeper, Virginia

Here is the full blog update from Jessica and Dave’s Engagement Session, as previewed earlier!


My favorites:




 Jessica&Dave020_3 Jessica&Dave077_3Jessica&Dave026_4Jessica&Dave090_4Jessica&Dave116


Click each thumbnail for a slightly larger view!



Jessica&Dave123_1 Jessica&Dave005

Jessica&Dave011_3 Jessica&Dave014 Jessica&Dave015_2 Jessica&Dave016_2  Jessica&Dave023 

Jessica&Dave028_1 Jessica&Dave031_1 Jessica&Dave072_3  Jessica&Dave086_3  Jessica&Dave093_4

Jessica&Dave097_3 Jessica&Dave107_2 Jessica&Dave108_2  Jessica&Dave115 



Soon, I will post the rest of the family pictures from their session as well!

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